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Fire has captivated the imagination since the beginning of time. We enjoy the warmth it brings, it’s cosy crackle and the hypnotic dance it creates.

Here at Bigfire we love fire, as you can probably tell by the name of the website!  We specialise in sourcing an exciting range of unique fire products from around the world and are always on the lookout for the next Bigfire Product.

This year we have teamed up with a young German company called Höfats founded in 2015 by best friends Thomas and Christian, who, like Bigfire are passionate about what they do and passionate about bringing fire into your life.

Now more than ever the need to be with the people we love and who’s company we enjoy is very important, and no matter where this takes place, outdoors in nature, at home, in the garden, in the living room or at the kitchen table everything becomes more beautiful, cosy and heart-warming when fire and warmth is involved.

Hofats are passionate about what they do and passionate about fire and that is why Bigfire are now stocking this brand-new collection from Hofats.

The versatile range of products are not only practical, but they are also beautiful to look at as well as being multi-functional.

They have a collection of 14 products which can be used anywhere and everywhere, all year-round bringing fire, form and function together.



The Cone is the world’s first heat adjustable charcoal grill. The immediate, direct and intuitive heat regulation is at the heart of the Cone, it converts the comfort of a gas grill to a charcoal grill with real embers, real fire and real atmosphere.

The heat regulation is made possible by combining the distance of the heat source to the food with the air supply.  If high heat is required, for example, sealing in the juices of the meat the coal grid can be simply lifted, to reduce heat the coal grid can be lowered.

The Cone emits a magical scent which brings everyone together and after you have finished cooking the grill can be removed and the fire will keep you warm whilst you eat your delicious food.

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Bring imaginative design and fire into your life with the Bowl, its fascinating form and multi functionality can be used for casual lounging or cooking up a storm.

The bowl gives the impression that it is floating in the air because of its clever hemispherical shape when placed on its foldable stainless steel tripod legs.  High or low it can be placed upright or turned 45° to shield the flames from the wind and reflect the heat towards you.

In its upright position the Bowl is the ideal cooking and grilling zone, when you add the cooking grid and cast planchet plate into the mix.

Made from enamelled stainless steel the removable brazier protects the ground from too much heat, it also allows the right amount of oxygen supply to the fire making it easy to clean.

The stainless steel three-legged stand is foldable which means the Bowl is also easy to store and easy to move.

“cooking on a plate heated by fire is a thousand year old tradition, used in many different cultures and societies.  In Spain, it developed into the Plancha, the Japenese call it Teppanyaki. There is a myriad of dishes which can be cooked or grilled on a hot plate – and with the Bowl there are no bounds to your creativity”

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Beach, garden, park or countryside, take it with you wherever you go, the Cube is your constant companion.

By day it can be used as a handy seat or table by night add a few logs and you have yourself a warm and cosy fire to sit around, add the adjustable grill and you have got yourself a barbecue. Totally transportable and great for those who love to travel, camp, or just love a fire. It takes multi-purpose to a whole new level!

The ingenious design quirk makes extinguishing a fire really simple, you just turn it upside down and the fire bowl, which is suspended within the Cube, tilts and the fire is out.

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The Beer crate has evolved, instead of plastic this evolution started with the materials, and this crate is made from wood and metal, but a beer crate is just a beer crate, right? Wrong!  This Beer Box is multi-functional and like Optimus Prime can transform into something completely different, a fire basket, a barbecue or a stool or it can stay in its original form as a BEER BOX.

It’s completely mobile with large handles crying out for it to be taken on adventures, hitched on the back of your motorbike or thrown in the back of your car. Wherever you go it will follow.

It holds up to 18 bottles of your favourite beverage and has the added bonus of a bottle opener on the side.  Two accessories complete this ingenious little box, a board which converts the box into a side table, seat or stool and the stainless steel grid can be added as a cooking grate. What’s not to love?

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The name says it all and so much more. The Crate follows in the footsteps of the Beer Box. While a beer crate was the source of inspiration for its sister, the Crate resembles a wine case or a fruit box.

Wood has been traded for high quality Corten Steel and so a multi-functional product was born which serves many purposes: firewood storage, wine case, beer crate, fruit box, but also a fire basket, stool and barbecue.

You can take the Crate everywhere, just add firewood for an atmospheric campfire or a small barbecue, as well as being able to hold the drinks ready for your next adventure.

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There is nothing quite like an open fire to emit heat and bathe you in a feeling of cosiness. At its heart the Triple is the ultimate outdoor open fireplace.

Made in three segments, each piece is identically designed, facetted and fits together perfectly to form one solid, large whole.  This means it is easily transportable and can be moved to wherever you need an open fireplace.

The Triple has two ingenious additions, a cooking grate, and a hot plate which are both pivotable and rotatable, and can be continuously adjusted to suit your culinary needs.

There are three sizes to choose from small Ø65cm, medium Ø90cm and large Ø120cm which means you can find a Triple just right for you and your outdoor space. The Triple is also easily transportable and can be broken down and re assembled anywhere you want to go.

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Bringing function and form together, the Ellipse is a fire bowl sculpted from Corten steel. It will take centre stage at any outdoor event, it is an elegant and design led piece of functional garden architecture.

It can be pivoted 45° to protect the flames from the elements and stop the wind from taking the fire or creating smoke, which makes it unique among fire bowls.

Its stability comes from its sturdy base which grounds it to the fire bowl and allows the pivotable rotation of the bowl, the base also doubles as an ash container once the fire has died down.

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The spin was created for the home and garden.

The warm dancing flame creates a feeling of calm and well-being, and forms a beautiful spinning light that immediately captures the imagination.

As the sun goes down the Spin lights up the evening, whether its placed in the centre of a table ready for dining or attached to a spin pole in the ground within the garden.

The heart of the Spin is the flame, the air is drawn up and through the three baffles on the base, this affects the thermal properties of the flame causing the dancing and spinning effect.  The glass tube encloses and enhances the flame and draws it upwards to create this beautiful light, this thermodynamic principle increases the flame by 500%.

The clean flame uses Bioethanol oil at its source, which when burnt only creates water vapour so it has no harmful fumes and does not damage the environment.

“We wanted to have the cleanest-burning flame. A flame which could also be operated indoors without any problems – therefore we decided in favour of bioethanol.  When you burn bioethanol, only water vapour is formed”.

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Candlelight is one of the most seductive and beautiful light sources there is, lighting the night and giving a warm glow to your surroundings.

The Gravity candle is a very clever little candle it can be turned and twisted and no matter which way you move, it the light always remains upright.

Encased in glass with a stainless steel base, this clever design allows you to tilt and light the candle without burning yourself or without having to remove the glass. Its versatility means you can use it indoors or outdoors, you can stand it on its own, so it’s great for the table, the bedroom, the bathroom, the garden or wherever you want soft light, or you can put it onto a pole which means you can light your garden path or outdoor seating area. Ordinary candles pale into insignificance next to the gravity candle.

To extinguish the candle you simply turn it over, and once it’s upside down it is perfectly protected against the elements so nothing can reach its interior.

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Hofats Johnny Catch


Small yet mighty, the Johnny Catch is the world’s most functional and minimalistic wall mounted bottle opener.

Made from 100% steel this slim design fits extremely flat to the wall with high quality double-sided tape and captures bottle caps before they fall to the floor.  Johnny Catch is the ideal party partner from lemonade to craft beer lovers, it can be placed in the kitchen or man cave, on the fridge or next to the barbecue, where there is a drink that needs uncapping, Johnny catch will keep on catching!

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Hofats Steak Knives


These Steak knives meet the demands of the meat. The sharp blade allows the meat to be precisely cut and not torn apart leaving the meat juicy and aromatic.  Made from stainless steel the knives are forged in one piece and finished in a beautiful matt effect.

Non – corrosive and dishwasher safe the tools are perfectly balanced and indestructible.

They are delivered in a wooden box and make the ideal gift for any meat lover

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Hofats Tongs


The asymmetrical shape of the tongs sit comfortably, and safely in your hand.  The slightly tilted edges allow you to handle delicate food.  Slots at the ends of the tongs provide grip and a clear view of the food being cooked, so are ideal for small shrimps and T-Bone steaks. They are also strong enough to lift cooking grids in and out of the fire.

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Hofats Apron


One size fits all apron with a clever continuous rope stretching from the neck over the sides and down to the hip, the apron can be adjusted to any body size with a flick of the wrist.

The apron comes with a linen towel which can be hung over the towel belt or popped into the large pocket.

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Hofats Grilling Gloves


The hand sewn grilling gloves are made of pure, extremely dense suede and Kevlar, designed to last an eternity. The gloves are highly heat resistant, so turning and grilling is safe and easy to do. The gloves are a perfect fit and you will fall in love with the care to detail and highly comfortable inner lining.

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