BigFire Partner With Stovey 07/11/14

We’re very pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Stovey to add their range of bold, modern and cosy wood-burning stoves to our product line. Read the press release below for more details on their products and keep an eye on the website for their products available to buy.


Bold, beautiful and contemporary, Stovey stoves – the newest contenders to enter the home stove sector – are set to shake up the traditional concept of wood burning stoves. Via the successful mix of environmental consideration with stunning design, Stovey will be the brand name on everyone’s lips as we move into 2015. Now, as an official Stovey partner, Big Fire proudly display the entire range for our customers to come and see for themselves.

A striking feature for the city apartment; a beautiful focal point for the rural retreat, the British born Stovey is designed in provide function as well as fancy. Clean and effortless to use, Stovey is the first choice for those looking to dynamically style their houses without compromising the warmth and feeling of ‘home’ that a wood burning stove provides.

Supported by television’s Julia Kendell who is best known for her interior design expertise on programmes such as DIY SOS and 60 minute make-over, Julia comments:

“Contemporary in their look and environmentally conscious in their approach, Stovey provides home owners with a lot more than just a great looking stove. Designed in the UK, the Stovey collection has been developed with a young and modern audience in mind. Supplied in an urban colour pallet to compliment the interior of any city home or apartment, the freestanding or inset stoves are slick to say the least. Simple to use and maintain, Stovey is the first port of call for anyone looking to add the warmth and beauty of a wood-burning stove to their home without compromising on cutting-edge design and look.”

More than just a pretty face, Stovey champions the ecological benefits of burning wood for fuel. Releasing only the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as that absorbed by the tree during growth, burning wood is a cleaner more sustainable way to heat a home when compared to coal and gas. Stovey stoves are specifically designed to burn wood more efficiently, providing maximum heat output with less of the mess.

Recently announcing their partnership with national charity Trees for Cities, Stovey actively support the work of the Charity that aims to beautify the UK’s cities through tree planting. Generating funds through the sale of each Stovey, the new partnership between Stovey and Trees for Cities will see new tree saplings being planted in the UK’s urban areas that need it the most.

To view the Stovey range, please come and see the Stovey collection in store today! Alternatively take a look at . Keep up with the latest Stovey news by finding them on Facebook: and by following them on Twitter @therealstovey

Full Product Range

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