BigFire’s Bank Holiday BBQ Recipe that’ll get everyone smiling! 23/08/16

At BigFire we love our food especially when its cooked on a BBQ or over a fire.  So why not try our summer evening tabletop treat for two this bank holiday?

Stuffed Chicken Thighs wrapped in Smoked Streaky Bacon with Asian Dressed Salad and Grilled Courgettes

You will need:
4 chicken thighs – skin and bone removed, 2 sausages (120g sausage meat),
1 tablespoon chopped parsley, half tablespoon chopped thyme leaves, finely grated zest of half a lemon, 8 rashers of smoked streaky bacon or Parma ham, 25g parmesan cheese finely grated (or any other cheese),
Salt & Pepper, Runny honey, Mustard (Dijon is great).

Firstly make the stuffing. Skin your sausages and put the sausage meat into a bowl.  Add the parsley, thyme, lemon zest, grated cheese, salt & pepper.  Mix together well. Take a chicken thigh & place it bone side up on a flat surface, tear off enough cling film to cover chicken and flatten it out slightly using a rolling pin. Season with salt and pepper before spreading on some mustard. Now make a little sausage of your filling and place it where the bone was.  Carefully fold the chicken around it and then wrap around the bacon like a bandage.  You might need to fix it with a cocktail stick. Do the same with the other chicken thighs, drizzle with a little runny honey and then they are ready for the BBQ!

Grill for about 20 – 25 minutes until cooked right through. Using a lid on your BBQ will ensure the heat penetrates through to the middle and will help keep it moist, whilst still giving you a coloured crispy coating. Serve with grilled courgettes and a dressed salad. Wash down with a glass of wine or beer.

Bon Appetit!

Recipe can easily be doubled for more guests!

Half a bag of mixed salad leaves, few sprigs of chopped fresh coriander, 2 finely sliced radishes, Handful of salted peanuts (optional – and great for texture), A quarter of a cucumber, diced or sliced.

Dressing: can be made in a jam jar
2 tablespoons white wine or cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, Qtr teaspoon Chinese five spice powder, Salt & Pepper.

Make sure you check out our BBQ’s, grills & accessories to get you started, to ensure you are ready for the sunny evenings and making some great memories!

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