How to Create the Best Outdoor Cooking Area For You! 04/07/16

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Welcome to our guide on how you can create and optimise the best garden cooking area which is suited to your needs.

In addition to the actual equipment you are planning to purchase, it is important to think carefully about the following main points:

  • What type of layout you would like?
  • What would be the ideal location for your cooking area?
  • Who will be the one using it?

For example, try and site the kitchen in a more sheltered location or consider building in adequate wind breaks as well as rain cover! You don’t want to site the kitchen in a position where the prevailing wind will always be blowing in to your outdoor oven. This is really important as it will take the heat out of the oven and blow ash and smoke around all the time.

Etna Pizza Oven

Another useful thing to consider is your cooking style. This will help you choose the right equipment for you. If you like slow cooking, then something like a Kamado Joe could be ideal for you. But if you are planning to bake a lot and do pizzas then a traditional style pizza oven is likely to be a better fit.

oneQ Kebab in outdoor kitchen

Consider actually using it, so by this we mean think about places to put hot dishes, food preparation and serving areas. Do you need a power point or are you really going to do things properly and install a sink? Safety is obviously really important too so if you have young children around then a fire bowl may not be ideal at this time.


Here are some of our favourite bits of outdoor cooking equipment, we have highlighted which aspects would make them the perfect choice for you:


Kadai Firebowl


A Kadai Firebowl is a great addition to any garden. However sophisticated your outdoor kitchen or cooking aspirations are, you will surely find a use for one of these. Made from recycled oil drums the fire bowls are supplied with grill and tongs.


You can fit a tripod to the bowl and hang bowls or skillets from it. Once you have completed your cooking you can just through on some extra logs and create a roaring fire to keep warm by.


  • Great range of accessories enabling you to create all sorts of dishes
  • Large cooking area
  • Multi functional
  • Use charcoal or wood


  • Not so good for roasting food


Kamado Joe


These awesome bits of kit are becoming more and more popular with top chefs. However, that is because of the flavour they give to the food and flexibility they offer. You don’t have to be a top chef to operate one!

Kamado Joe Black Grill in SS

Aside from standard BBQ grilling you can slow cook for twelve hours without touching it. Super easy to control the temperature, the Kamado Joe is easy to light and ready to use in about 20 minutes. From pizzas to hot smoking, baking to barbecuing, you can do it all with one of these beauties.


  • Adds incredible flavour to food and keeps meat moist
  • Easy to use
  • Will last decades


  • Very heavy to move


Esse Fire Stone


These stunning pizza ovens not only look beautiful but are entirely manufactured in the UK by Esse established in 1854. This long heritage really shows through in the quality and design features of these ovens.

Esse Fire Stone

With its traditional rustic look this pizza oven will stay warm for hours enabling you to slow cook after you have made your pizzas or roasting. Very versatile in their uses, the Firestone offers great fun and value. Can be set on your own work top or purchased with a rotating stand.


  • Stylish oven will add a professional feel to your outdoor kitchen
  • Versatile cooking capability
  • All year round weatherproof


  • There are none!


Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace


These stylish, hand-made BBQ fireplaces don’t just look amazing but are also extremely useful for heating and cooking in your garden. You can chose from either high quality steel or stainless steel. They are very easy to set up and reasonably portable. Although tall, the Mercatus BBQ Fireplace doesn’t take up allot of precious space.

Mercatus BBQ Fireplace

You can fully customise the attachments and equipment to what suits you best with a wide range of accessory choices. The fireplace can be made resistant to all types of weather with the optional protective cover.


  • High quality, hand made build which lasts
  • A choice of material to suit your budget/needs
  • Able to cook a wide variety of delicious dishes
  • Wheels on the base make the BBQ portable and makes avoiding wind easy
  • Eye-catching, decorative addition to your garden
  • No issues with smoke due to the chimney design
  • A very effective garden fireplace


  • No oven capability
  • Allot of useful accessories have to be bought separately

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