What’s new for 2017 with Lotus Grill 24/03/17

Have you tried the Lotus Grill?

If you haven’t used or heard of a Lotus Grill lets start with telling you a bit about these stylish table top barbecues. The key feature and innovation in the Lotus Grill is the battery-powered built-in fan, this allows for easy lighting and glowing charcoal ready for cooking in just 3-4 minutes which is pretty astonishing!

The other key features of the lotus grill are smoke free cooking & portability. This nifty little BBQ weighs less than 4kg and the outer bowl is made of powder-coated steel which never gets hot during use, meaning you can pick up easily, and move even during cooking. Socialable cooking has never been easier with this smoke less barbecue, the charcoal chamber protects the coals from fats and oils meaning there is no risk of flying sparks or dropping charcoal.

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What’s new for 2017?

Lotus Grill– The brand new blue Lotus Grill means that you have 6 stunning colours to choose from.

Lotus Grill Fondue Set– The brand new fondue set is the perfect accessory for your lotus grill. Impress your friends and family with this different style of cooking that produces healthy and delicious dishes.

Lotus Grill Glass Accessories– Brand new accessories such as oven barbecue bag, silicone tongs and marinating brush.

Lotus grill saving bundles– See our latest and best lotus grill bundles with fantastic savings.

Early bird bundle offers:

LotusGrill  M Series Bundle is the perfect set up for grilling– This Lotus Grill bundle gives you all the tools you need to create wonderful outdoor cooking experiences. With an M-series Lotus Grill, Glass Hood, Silicone Tongs, Charcoal, lighter Gel & Carry Bag all included grilling couldn’t be easier!

Get social with the lotus Grill Fondue Bundle- The LotusGrill Fondue Bundle gives you a great platform for cooking meat and vegetables. You can roast the meat on the grill plate whilst preparing vegetables and other delicacies at the same time in the fondue bowl. Fast and healthy barbecuing couldn’t be easier!

Make wonderful pizzas with the Lotus Grill XL Bundle– Designed in perfect harmony the LotusGrill XL, Grill hood and Pizza Stone create an amazing tool for cooking delicious homemade pizzas. Preparing pizzas with charcoal gives you an amazing smokey flavor whilst the stone absorbs moisture during cooking, guaranteeing a crisp, thin and tasty crust.


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