Ambiance (Freestanding) Mystic Fire Water Vapour Fireplaces by Ruby Fires

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The Ruby Fires Ambiance is a large modern fireplace that brings a stunning eye catching feature to any room. Not only will this look fantastic in any large room, the life like flames will add real character to any room creating a perfect ambience.

Fire is fascinating, if real fire is not possible, the Ruby Fire’s Mystic Fire water vapour fireplaces offers a fantastic alternative.

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Ambiance (Freestanding) Mystic Fire Water Vapour Fireplaces by Ruby Fires

Product Information

Ambiance (Freestanding) Mystic Fire Water Vapour Fireplaces :

The Ruby Fires Ambiance is a contemporary free-standing surround with a straight design. This surround is very suitable as room divider. The design gives a beautiful view through the surround where the fire is visible from both front and back. The Ambiance is also available a regular surround.

Measurements: 1950 x 1100 x 350 mm (HxWxD)

Discover Mystic Fires…

Fire is fascinating, if real fire is not possible, the Ruby Fire’s Mystic Fire water vapour fireplaces offers a very good alternative. Our Mystic Fires use ordinary tap water. The ultra fine water vapour, in combination with light gives the effect of a flame.




The beautiful and distinguished designs by Ruby fires brings superb atmosphere and elegance to any room. With ceramic fires, water-vapour fires or an electric fire, Ruby fires can add a stunning focal point to any room.





Ruby Fires

For more than 15 years Ruby Fires has brought a wide collection of stunning flue-less fireplaces. The Ruby Fires range consists of ceramic burners, electric fires & water
vapour fires. This versatile range of products boast beautiful and distinguished designs,
showing real innovation and quality.


Mystic Fire

The Mystic Fire gives the fantastic illusion of a real wood fire, this realistic glow brings charm and beauty into anyone room. The Mystic Fire will bring enjoyment throughout the year in any room.


The Ruby Fires Mystic Fire MF1620C water vapour fire, gives a very realistic fire image. The MF 1620C can be used purely for decorative purposes and does not have a heating function. This fire is very suitable for building in.

A Mystic Fire water vapour fire works on normal tapwater. The water is evaporated to delicate vapour and projected on by lights. The playful effect of the water vapour gives the illusion of true flames. A Mystic Fire works 8 –10 hours on a full tank (1 litre).

Including remote control with on/off button and adjustable flames
Realistic logset with glow-effect as soon as the fire is switched on
Including insert with stone-effect Dimensions: 700 x 666 x 265 mm (HxWxD)

Mystic Fire MF1620C


The flame image of the Mystic Fires fireplaces are realised using a 3D light projection on ultra-fine water vapour. Before you plug in your fireplace you must first fill the water reservoir otherwise the evaporation process cannot be started. Click here for the demonstration video of a Mystic Fires fireplace! The Mystic Fires fireplaces have several features, such as a remote control, adjustable flames and heating.

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