BeechBoy Solo Combination


The BeechBoy Solo Trolley, made from solid beech wood with a stainless steel top, comes complete with the One Zone cooking plate and a cast iron Grill Plate.

The perfect accompaniment to Country Living.

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BeechBoy Solo Combination

Product Information

BeechBoy Solo Trolley, beautifully crafted in Beech wood with a brushed Stainless Steel top, complete with indu+ 400 One Zone cooking plate and cast iron Grill Plate.

The indu+ 400 One Zone with its central cooking zone offers you every comfort for cooking on induction inside or outside. Whether you place one large pan or several smaller ones on the cooling zone, the One Zone will fulfil its role perfectly. And more than that even: the cooking plate is equipped with numerous handy functions that will turn your cooking experience into real pleasure: a digital slider with direct access to no fewer than 15 heat levels, a timer and egg-timer, lock key, and more. And just like all indu+ cooking plates, it is child’s play to clean the One Zone.


BeechBoy Solo Trolley
Solid, oiled beech wood
Brushed stainless steel
Waterproof cover
Cutting board
Knife holder
Grill plate in cast iron

600mm x 600mm x 900mm
WEIGHT: 46 kg

indu+ 400 One Zone:

Latest generation of induction technology
Slider Touch control with direct access to 15 levels: 0-9, booster, super-booster, defrosting at 42degC, keep warm at 70degC, simmering water at 94degC
Dynamic LED power display
Timer, egg timer
Locking touch
Stop and Go

Diameter cooking zone: 270 mm
Power on level 9: 2600W
Power Booster: 3300W
Power Super-Booster: 3700W
Standby consumption < 0,8W 100% recyclable packaging [/col_last]

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