BioLite Campstove

BioLite CampStove


BioLite makes cooking with wood as clean, safe, and easy as cooking on gas! The really clever thing is that it will also charge your phone or torch while you're doing it! Whether it's to check the forecast, keep in touch or make sure you don't miss the best photo of the trip, the Biolite solves more than one problem for campers no matter how remote the location.


BioLite CampStove

Product Information

Cook – Charge – Go!

BioLite’s flagship product, the CampStove, frees outdoor enthusiasts from relying on gas canisters and provides a critical resource for preparedness and emergency settings.

Using only the twigs and sticks collected outdoors, the CampStove utilises BioLite’s patented heat-to-electricity technology to power an internal fan creating an ultra-efficient fire through improved combustion. Excess power generated is then sent to a USB output where it can be used to charge almost any device that can be used with a USB charger. Both a great cooking stove and on-demand energy source, BioLite is revolutionising the traditional campfire.

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Technical Specs

Specification Detail
Packed Size: H: 21cm x D: 12.7cm
Weight: 935g
Fuel: Renewable biomass i.e. twigs & sticks
Fire Power Output: Peak: 3.4kW (low) 5.5kW (high)
USB Power Output: Powers most USB chargeable devices including smartphones
Charging Time: Phone 4S (2G): 20 minutes of charging provides 60 minutes of talk time. Charging times may vary by device and by strength of fire.
Boil Time: 4 Minutes to boil 1 litre of water. Varies based on strength of fire.
Fuel Quantity: 46g of wood to boil 1 litre of water
In the Box: BioLite Stove; Fire lighter; Stuff Sack; Instructions; USB Cord (for internal battery charging)

See the BioLite CampStove Bundle in action:

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