Cobb Cobblestones


You want to eat right… so why wait?

Cobb Cobblestones provide the most convenient fuel source for your Cobb cooking system.  Ready to go in just 5 minutes and keeping the fires burning for up to 2 hours.

They’re made out of coconut husks and once going are a smokeless source of fuel.

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Cobb Cobblestones

Product Information

Cobb Cobblestones take only seconds to ignite (no need for fire lighter) and are ready to cook on in just 5 minutes.

Pop the Dome Cover on your Cobb and you’ll be 280°C in just half an hour.

Safe and economical, each cobblestone last for up to 2 hours when used with your Cobb.

Each box contains 6 Cobblestones.


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