Cubi Stack Long

Cubi Stack Long

From £7,985.00

The Cubi Stack Long is the same as the standard Cubi Stack but it has an additional ceramic apron to the front of the stove. With a high efficiency combustion chamber and air recirculation system the Cubi Stack achieves 81% efficiency. This neat looking stove offers something different to the ubiquitous black log burning stoves we are used to.

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Cubi Stack Long

Product Information

Davide & Gabriele Adriano

The Stack collection of stoves is born from a unique collaboration between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. The exotic and unique design from the Adriano Brothers coupled with the unparalleled knowledge of ceramics and attention to detail of the La Castellamonte team, come together to create objects of desire.

Unique Wooden Legs


Be it a stove from the Stack range or a traditional ceramic stove, La Castellamonte stoves both furnish and warm up your home. They are an asset, an art installation and a practical solution produced with care, expertise and handicraft skills…

Stack Range


Each model of La Castellamonte stoves are available in a range of sizes, colours and heat output options. From ultra modern to traditional the range can be used for cooking, hot air exchange, water and radiator heat exchange or simply a log burning stove. Something for every application.

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Design Awards

All Stack Stoves are available in a wide range of colours in both gloss and matt finishes.

Shiny Red

Shiny Blue

Shiny Orange

Shiny Green

Shiny White

Shiny Black

Satinized Red

Satinized Blue

Satinized Orange

Satinized Green

Satinized White

Satinized Black


Heat Output: 7.5Kw
Minimum and maximum
heat output: 4 – 9Kw
Heating Capacity: 100 – 260m3
Efficiency: 81%
Carbon Monoxide
Emissions:(%CO / 13%O2) 0.1%
Dust:(13% / O2) 24mg / Nm3
Wood Consumption: 2.2kg per hour
Smoke Temperature: 204°C
Flue Pipe Diameter: 15cm
Draft: 12pa
Total Weight 300Kg


Big Fire - Cubi Stack Long Dimensions

Big Fire - Cubi Stack Slim Function


La Castellamonte is a family owned business in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy. Nestled just above Turin, Castellamonte has a history of fine ceramics. Generations of potters linked by a “red thread” : this red thread is the clay they have worked with, the natural raw material quarried locally and used to create practical and ornamental items. Roberto Perino and Silvana Neri, the owners of “La Castellamonte“, have many years’ experience in the high quality, creative craftwork field and, in 2001, attained the Piedmontese craftsmen’s mark of excellency “Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana”.

Big Fire is delighted to be an exclusive UK distributor of these iconic products.

Watch The Making of Stack Stoves

Roberto and Silvana, whilst keeping to many of the traditional working methods, produce high quality innovative handmade products and recreate and adapt them to the needs of modern life. The tiled log burning stove, produced under the trademark “La Castellamonte“, are a combination of experience born of tradition and innovative technology that fully conforms with today’s environmental and safety regulations. The shapes of the stoves, colours and charming decorations are ideal in any kind of space whether antique, modern, or even where avant-garde furniture is used.

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