Dutchtub Loveseat Red

Dutchtub® Loveseat

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The Dutchtub Loveseat available in a range of fabulous colours has all the benefits of the Dutchtub 4P but is perfect for two and great if space is at a premium. Without motors whirring or water roaring you are free to fully appreciate your surroundings and enjoy relaxed conversation with those around you.

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Dutchtub® Loveseat

Product Specifications

Big Fire - Dutchtub Loveseat Tech Spec 01

Height 59 cm / 23 inch
Width 100 cm / 39.5 inch
Length 185 cm / 73 inch
Leg distance 50 -120 cm / 20 – 47 inch

40 kg / 88 lbs

350 liter / 92 gallons – suitable for 2 persons

Big Fire - Dutchtub Loveseat Tech Spec 02

Glass Fibre Polyester
Stainless Steel 316

The Dutchtub® Loveseat will be delivered with a firetray for under the spiral, a special wok and  a turbo connection for fast heating.

Delivery time
1 – 6 weeks

Big Fire - Dutchtub Loveseat Tech Spec 03

Time & Energy
Getting the Dutchtub® Loveseat at 38°C /100°F 
± 1,5 hour
± 1 bag/1.25 cubic ft of firewood
Keeping the Dutchtub® Loveseat at 38°C/100°F
± ½ bag/0.65 cubic ft of firewood

The time & energy needed for heating the Dutchtub® Loveseat depend on the  temperature of the water and the outside air, the quality of the firewood and the ability  to make a proper fire.

Big Fire - Weltevree Dutchtub Logo

  1. Connect the hose to the turbo connection
  2. Put the rubber bung in the lower hole of the spiral, on the inside of the tub
  3. Place the fire basket in the spiral
  4. Chop the wood
  5. Make a fire and turn the tap on: the tub will fill with warm water
  6. Place the wok on the fire to keep the heat in the spiral
  7. Put the cover on the tub
  8. Fill the tub till just above the logo plate while stirring the water occasionally
  9. When full turn off the tap and pull the bung out of the spiral
  10. Heat the water to 38°C /100°F and its ready for use, enjoy!


Dutchtub Loveseat Orange


Dutchtub Loveseat Blue

Pebble Grey

Dutchtub Loveseat Grey

Terra Red

Dutchtub Loveseat Red

Olive Green

Dutchtub Loveseat Olive Green

Dutchtub Ashtray


Big Fire - Dutchtub Loveseat - Windscreen


Big Fire - Dutchtub Loveseat - Chimney


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