Big Fire – Dutchtub Original

Dutchtub® Original

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With the Dutchtub® you can go explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simple: wood fired and with a natural circulation. With this smart construction and the sturdy, long-lasting materials you can use the Dutchtub® anytime, anywhere…

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Dutchtub® Original

Product Information

Dutchtub Product Information - Wood Fired

Wood fired

The Dutchtub® is a wood fired outdoor hot tub with ingenious simplicity. Water in the tub is heated by the naturally occurring thermo-syphon effect through the coil. A fire in the centre of the coil warms the water inside the coil. The warm water expands and flows out the top of the coil while drawing in cool water from the bottom of the tub.

Dutchtub Product Information - Lightweight


The Dutchtub® weighs only 75 kilograms when empty – this makes the tub a lightweight and mobile outdoor hot tub. The Dutchtub® is easy to lift with 2 people and can be fixed to the roof of a car or even tied behind a canoe or bike!

Dutchtub Product Information - Comfort


The Dutchtub® Original fits 4 people. The sphere in the bottom of the tub makes the seats ergonomic and comfortable.

Dutchtub Product Information - Original

Dutchtub® Original

The Dutchtub® was deigned by Floris Schoonderbeek, founder of Weltevree and has won numerous international awards as well as becoming an iconic deign piece. Each Dutchtub is hand made in Holland and has a unique number.

Dutchtub Product Information - Durable

How the Dutchtub® Original is supplied

The Dutchtub® is supplied with a fibreglass cover and a wok to cook up some appetizers while the water is warming. The tub also has an integrated shelf for drinks and a bottle holder that can be used as a wine cooler if you add ice. There are several accessories available that you may like to consider such as a chimney set or ashtray. The Dutchtub is delivered well packaged in a protective crate. Just eight bolts (supplied) are required to attach the coil to the tub. Unpacking and assembly should take about one hour for two reasonably practical people! If you get stuck you can call us any time including out of office hours for assistance with assembly.

Big Fire - Weltevree Dutchtub Logo

Dutchtub Product Specification 01

Height 84 cm / 33 inch
Width 170 cm / 67 inch
Length 260 cm / 102 inch
Distance between legs 80 cm / 32 inch

75 kg / 165 lbs

650 liter / 171 gallon -
suitable for 4 persons

Dutchtub Product Specification 02

Time & Energy
Getting the Dutchtub® at 38°C /100°F
± 2 hour
± 2 bag/2.5 cubic ft of firewood

Keeping the Dutchtub® at 38°C/100°F
± 1 bag/1.25 cubic ft of firewood for 4 hours

The time & energy needed for heating the Dutchtub® Original depend on the temperature of the water and the outside air, the quality of the firewood and the ability to make a proper fire.

Dutchtub Product Specification 03

Glass Fibre Polyester
Stainless Steel 316

Delivery time
1 – 6 weeks

  1. Connect the hose to the turbo connection
  2. Put the rubber bung in the lower hole of the spiral, on the inside of the tub
  3. Place the fire basket in the spiral
  4. Chop the wood
  5. Make a fire and turn the tap on: the tub will fill with warm water
  6. Place the wok or chimney lid on the fire to keep the heat in the spiral
  7. Put the cover on the tub
  8. Fill the tub to just above the logo plate while stirring the water occasionally
  9. When full turn off the tap and pull the bung out of the spiral
  10. Heat the water to 38°C /100°F and its ready for use, enjoy!


Dutchtub Original Orange

Olive Green

Dutchtub Original Olive Green

Terra Red

Dutchtub Original Terra Red

Pebble Grey

Dutchtub Original Pebble Grey

Night Blue

Dutchtub Original Orange

Dutchtub Additions - Ashtray


Dutchtub Additions - Chimney


Dutchtub Additions - Windscreen


Dutchtub Additions - Handtrailer


Dutchtub Additions - Wintercover


Dutchtub Additions - Ral Colour

Ral Colour

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