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Dutchtub® Wood


With the Dutchtub you can explore and enjoy the essence of outdoor bathing. This award-winning hot tub is a pure luxury and works surprisingly simply. Wood fired this tub has no motors droning or nasty chemicals. Light a fire, fill with water and you are ready for the ultimate outdoor bathing experience. The Dutchtub – anytime, anywhere…

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Dutchtub® Wood

Product Information

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood - Wood Fired

Wood fired
The Dutchtub® Wood is a wood fired outdoor hot tub: a fire in the coil warms the water in the tub. Natural circulation causes the colder water at the bottom of the Dutchtub® to go in the spiral, heat up and flow out at the top.

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood - Comfort

The Dutchtub® Wood fits 4 people. The sphere in the bottom of the tub makes the seats ergonomic and comfortable.

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood - Portable

The Dutchtub® Wood weighs only 85 kilograms – this makes the tub a lightweight and mobile outdoor hot tub. With 2 people you can easily lift The Dutchtub® Wood.

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood - Durable

The inner shell of the Dutchtub® Wood is made from high-quality polyester: a sturdy and long-lasting material. The outer ring consists of preserved wood and the spiral is made of stainless steel. All the materials are weatherproof so the tub can stay outdoors all year round.

Dutchtub Wood with Cover

The Ducthtub® Wood is delivered with a cover, a Wok and a Heat Shield as standard. The shield protects the wood from the direct heat of the fire. In addition, the shield keeps the heat of the fire within the spiral of Dutchtub® heating it more efficiently. If you choose to purchase a coil Wind Shield or full Chimney Set then this shield is easily removed and is not necessary to use in conjunction with either.

Big Fire - Weltevree Dutchtub Logo

Length: 170 cm/67 inch
Width: 234 cm/92 inch
Height: 82 cm/32 inch

85 kg/187 Ibs

650 litres/171 gallon – suitable for 4 people

Glassfibre polyester (RAL 7003)
Stainless steel
Preserved wood

Time & Energy
Getting the Dutchtub® to 38°C /100°F
± 2 hour
± 2 bag/2.5 cubic ft of firewood
Keeping the Dutchtub® at 38°C/100°F
± 1 bag/1.25 cubic ft of firewood for 4 hours

The time & energy needed for heating the Dutchtub® Wood depends on the temperature of the water and the outside air, the quality of the firewood and the ability to make a proper fire.

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood Spec

  1. Connect the hose to the turbo connection
  2. Put the rubber bung in the lower hole of the spiral, on the inside of the tub
  3. Place the fire basket in the spiral
  4. Chop the wood
  5. Make a fire and turn the tap on: the tub will fill with warm water
  6. Place the wok on the fire to keep the heat in the spiral
  7. Put the cover on the tub
  8. Fill the tub till just above the logo plate while stirring the water occasionally
  9. When full turn off the tap and pull the bung out of the spiral
  10. Heat the water to 38°C /100°F and its ready for use, enjoy!

Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood Ashtray


Big Fire - Dutchtub Wood Chimney


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