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Choose the ultimate social cooking experience. The Fornetto is a wood fired garden oven and smoker in which you can create authentic pizzas, bread, roasted meats and a wonderful selection of baked dishes. Cast iron doors and solid construction give a traditional look coupled with modern ingenuity to ensure confident and safe cooking

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Fornetto Outdoor Oven

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With their cast iron doors and solid construction the Fornetto Wood Fired Oven and Smokers invoke an impression of history and strong traditions of quality and craftsmanship. Don’t let the apparent simplicity of the Fornetto design fool you – these ovens are created with the serious home chef in mind.

Smoke Compartment


By opening the smoke slider and allowing smoke to enter the Fornetto oven chamber, it is easy to cook by traditional smoking methods of indirect heat and smoke. A subtle smoky flavour is also achieved by opening the smoker slide for short periods of time, during the cooking process. A removable smoker box enables you to add smoking chips or aromatic woods to give you food unique flavours.

Oven Chamber

Large Capacity

With its 61.2 litre / 16.15 gallon oven capacity, the Fornetto oven chamber is big enough to cook an entire family roast. The adjustable shelf system offers versatility and flexibility.

This oven is not only brilliant for entertaining al fresco but also doubles up as a useful second oven when you need it for entertaining.

Fornetto Oven Base

Easy Clean

The interior of the oven is made from high grade stainless steel with a solid fire brick base that doubles as a pizza stone. Simply clean off with a wire brush and wipe the oven cavity walls with a stainless steel cleaner.

Fornetto Fish

Easy to Use

The temperature in the Fornetto is easy to regulate by controlling the flow of air and smoke using the adjustable damper handle. Handles never overheat thanks to the Cooltouch Phenolic finish.

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