Hole Outdoor Fireplace


A built-in wood burning outdoor fireplace.

Its concept is to reveal only the fire – concealing the place where it is housed.

Designed by Ivano Losa in 2010.

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Hole Outdoor Fireplace

Product Information

Earth and fire envelop the people around them with warmth and discretion.

A reserved niche, a timid opening in the ground. You hardly notice that it’s there, but when the fire is burning the Hole is animated, displaying all its charm. Once the show is over it blends again with its surroundings, and you can even cover it over and walk on it.

The outdoor fireplace can be installed anywhere, on any type of external surface.

“Creating a setting for fire springs from the desire to offer man a single element that enhances both space and pleasure”


Colour: Rust
Diameter: 135cm
Height: 20cm
Weight: 120 kg
L:140cm W:140cm H:40cm


The Hole outdoor fireplace is supplied with a closing disk to protect it when not in use; this not only keeps in combustion residue, but also allows foot traffic.

Add the 94cm Grill for outdoor cooking.

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