Homebrew and Winemaking kits by Moonshine Drinks

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Everything you need to for brewing and wine making is included within this kit!

Impress your friends & family with a batch of your very own homemade drinks, these brewing kits are great fun and also create delicious alcoholic drinks.

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Homebrew and Winemaking kits by Moonshine Drinks

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The fantastic homebrewing and winemaking products are game changing. At just over £1.00 per pint and around £3.30 for a bottle of wine, they are not only great fun but also excellent value.

Everything you need is included within this kit! This is not a traditional home brew kit?   Its really simple and perfect if you want to have a go at making your own wine and beer at home. Simply add water and wait for your superb home made drinks.

The unique  & patented ‘brew bag’ is strong enough to withstand the pressures that build up during fermentation and lets you dispense your beer or wine from the same bag it was brewed in.

With many different moonshine flavours & tastes you can the perfect taste for everyone!

Choose from the delicious range:

1) Cheese Maker Golden Ale

This is a light and golden classic pale ale with a tang of hops to perfect its refreshing taste.  Cheesemakers Golden Ale is a delicate amber coloured beer with light bitterness, packed with flavour, it has the flowery punch that can be expected from fragrant hops.

2) Four Candles Bitter

Mild and mellow with a flavour of pale malts and a touch of hops.  Four Candles is golden in colour and light bodied, this is a serious ale with low carbonation and a touch of fruitiness in its aroma and flavour.

3) Dark Adder Dark Ale

This is a smooth and comforting dark beer which relies on malt rather than hops for its complex character.  Laced with caramel, and with hints of toasted nuts and liquorice, this is the perfect beer to accompany a barbecue or a Sunday roast.  Also goes well with mushroom dishes and hearty stews.

4) Cabernet Sauvignon Style Red Wine

As one of the world’s favourite wines, Cabernet Sauvignon is a flavour that is unmistakable.  Our version of this classic is full-bodied with a medium level of acidity and is fantastic for drinking with food.  This wine has flavours of ripe black and red fruits and rich tannins.

5) Pinot Grigio Style White White

Developed with the Pinot Gris grape, the Moonshine Drinks version of this classic white wine is a zesty and refreshing classic.  Best served chilled, our white wine is pleasantly dry with a fragrant taste of citrus fruit, green apples and honeysuckle.

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Pinot Grigio Style White White, Cabernet Sauvignon Style Red Wine, Dark Adder Dark Ale, Four Candles Bitter, Cheese Maker Golden Ale

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