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Kadai Firebowl 80cm Package

£352.48 £325.00

The perfect Kadai Firepit package

This special bundle includes the most popular size of Kadai Firepit (80cm) allowing you to cook for 10+ people, along with a low stand and plenty of accessories to make sure you get the most of you new firepit by exploring cooking in a variety of ways.

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Kadai Firebowl 80cm Package

Product Information

Perfect for parties
Our Kadais are made using the same traditional methods as the original iron Kadai by riveting plates together to form a perfect bowl. However, these Kadais are made from recycled oil drums which not only recycles a waste product but is lighter and more manoeuvrable than the originals. Attractive drop handles allow the Kadai to be easily moved, even when in use.

The Kadai firepit includes a low wrought iron stand, holi grill, forged tongs and wire brush and comes complete with a gauze filter.

The 80cm Kadai can cook for 10+ people, but don’t worry, if you’re only cooking for a few just use charcoal across one half of the Kadai.

Along with the 80cm Kadai and low stand this package includes

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