Thuros Kebab Attachment

Kebab Skewer Attachment

From £44.99

Set the Kebab Skewer Attachment on top of your THÜROS® Tabletop Grill and you’re ready to go for up to 10 Kebabs of your choice.

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Kebab Skewer Attachment

Product Information

Shish Kebab Skewer Attachment for the THÜROS® Tabletop Grill

Stainless steel frame with 6 or 10 stainless steel skewers which are twisted on one side. The skewers are placed in the notches of the attachment and are shaped to help you position your kebabs to ensure an even cook all round.

Dinner for 2 and cooking other things? Just put a Kebab each on the rack and you’ll still have plenty of space on you Thüros Grill for the rest of your meat, fish and vegetables

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