Kirami Easy Wood Fired Hot Tub

Kirami Easy M (4<6ppl)

From £3,312.00

The Kirami Easy wood fired hot tub is simple to maintain, and available with different colour inner and outers.

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Kirami Easy M (4<6ppl)

Product Information

Finnish Design

The Karami Original Easy hot tubs have a plastic inner to make them really easy to maintain.

Models with a CULT heater have four different choices as outside panel: stained spruce and three colours of EcoPlank made of recycled material.

The inner tub is available in grey and turquoise.

The chimney is 1.5 m high and has a heat shield and a chimney hat.


CAPACITY: 4–6 pers. / 1450 l
WEIGHT: 175 kg
HEIGHT: 110 cm
DEPTH: 91 cm

The Kirami Easy

Cult Heater

Kirami Cube HeaterThe most popular basic outside heater.Suitable for small water volume hot tubs. Manufactured from marine aluminium. The grates and the backside of the door are steel.

Power 22kW
Minimum water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
Chimney connection Ø120mm
Outside measurements, width 350 x 620 x 740 mm
Includes grate, fastening pieces, rubber hoses and clamps.
The most popular outside heater

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