Kirami Woodt Huttub XL

Kirami Woody XL (8<12ppl)

From £3,756.00

The Kirami Woody Hot tub offers the genuine feeling of being closer to nature whilst you sit back and relax.

Beautifully finished with carefully selected materials, your Karami Hot tub will be a constant source of enjoyment.

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Kirami Woody XL (8<12ppl)

Product Information

Finnish Design

Woody hot tubs are made of 40mm thick heat-treated Finnish pine. Offering a great choice, the Woody hot tub comes in 3 different sizes and is available with different heating solutions, the traditional SUB underwater heater to the extremely
powerful TUBE heater.


CAPACITY: 6–8 pers. / 3180 l
WEIGHT: 245 kg
HEIGHT: 108 cm
DEPTH: 95 cm

The Kirami Woody


Kirami Sub HeaterOur sub heater is manufactured of marine aluminium. It is placed inside the barrel warming the water around it. Because the heater material is marine aluminium, it tolerates also sea water. There is no need to rinse the heater with fresh-water after using sea water.
To improve heating the water, there are three oblique pipes through the stove.

Power 27kW = raise in temperature is 23 degrees / one cubic meter of water / hour
Heat conducting area 2 m2
Chimney connection Ø150mm


Kirami Tube HeaterKirami’s round outside heater TUBE is even more powerful and also looks better with round barrel because of the shape and color.
Two models available with different fastening system. One for wooden barrels with thick (40mm) wall and Kirami aluminium / other tubs where fastening with hoses and clamps.

Power 42kW
Chimney connection Ø150mm
Minimun water quantity is 5cm above the higher connector pipe
Outside measures, diameter 640mm and height 700mm
Includes fastening pieces, bolts and nuts.

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