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LotusGrill XL- with Free Lighter Gel, Charcoal & Carry Bag

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The LotusGrill XL is the big brother of the best selling M Series. The XL is almost identical in height but has a significantly larger diameter giving it double the cooking capacity. It will cook for approximately 90 minutes before needing a top up of charcoal and will easily cater for groups of up to 10 people. The LotusGrill® offers smoke free cooking thanks to its unique inbuilt fan and has dishwasher safe components.

Includes Free Lighter Gel, Free 1kg Bag of Charcoal and a Free Carry Bag.

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BigFire – Lotus GrillBigFire – Lotus GrillBigFire – Lotus GrillBigFire – Lotus GrillBigFire – Lotus GrillBigFire – Lotus Grill

LotusGrill XL- with Free Lighter Gel, Charcoal & Carry Bag

Product Information

Simple Idea. Big effect.

The LotusGrill XL has a battery-powered built-in fan, which constantly supplies the charcoal with air. Thus, the LotusGrill is ready to use in just 3 to 4 minutes. The ON/OFF switch also works as an infinitely adjustable heat control. The more air provided, the hotter the charcoal burns. There is no risk of flying sparks or dropping charcoal because the charcoal is placed in a closed container on the inner bowl of the LotusGrill.

See How The LotusGrill Works


The LotusGrill is a unique table barbecue – even if it gets knocked over, no embers or coal can escape from its container. The outer bowl is made of powder-coated steel which never gets hot during use. Two latches connect the grid, outer and inner bowls holding the charcoal container securely in place to form a single and safe unit.


Constructed from Steel and shock resistant plastics. Grill, inner bowl, charcoal container and latches made from Stainless Steel. The grill and inner bowl are dishwasher safe making the LotusGrill easy to clean after use. The LotusGrill arrives ready to use with 4 x AA batteries included, carry case and instruction manual.

Technical Data
Data Value Unit
Weight 6.5 Kg
Top Diameter 43.5 cm
Bottom Diameter 35 cm
Height 25.7 cm
Grill Diameter 40.5 cm

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