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The perfect setting for the magic of the fire Mangiafuoco is not just an outdoor wood burning fireplace it is a piece of sculpture which will enhance any setting – with with two circular steel elements with insulating material (not supplied) in between.

Designed by Mateo Galbusera in 2010.

(Grill available separately)

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Product Information

The Mangiafuoco wood burning fire pit is made of carbon steel with a rusted or powder coated white finish. The outer ring comprises two sections that fasten together. The moat area between the bands and fire pit can be filled with gravel, lava rock or sand (not included). A steel lid for keeping out the rain is included.

Mangiafuoco, small yet great, you can dominate the daring flames that leap upwards, darting and dancing, moving continuously. You can tame them and contain them in your compact shape, a theatre where the natural performance of fire is enacted.

Tame the dancing flames within the compact shape of Mangiafuoco; a theatre where the natural performance of fire is enacted.

“Creating a setting for fire springs from the desire to offer man a single element that enhances both space and pleasure”


Mangiafuoco is available in two finishes:

– Rust
– White

Add a 51cm diameter Grill to convert Mangiafuoco for outdoor cooking. (See Accessories)


Diameter: 80cm
Height: 45cm
Weight: 700 Kg

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