Mercatus Half Stainless Steel BBQ-Fireplace


The Half Stainless Steel Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace offers the perfect balance of cosy heat source and an easy to use barbecue. The German design makes it a visually stunning piece, while it's safe and easy to access.

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Mercatus Half Stainless Steel BBQ-Fireplace

Product Information

The Half Stainless Steel Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace has a unique design that gives you a combination of barbecue and cosy fireplace with a brilliant quality visual finish, making it the ideal product for any garden.

The German designed ceramic fire chamber has a stainless steel V2A hood and twin tube chimney. Its 2 fold heat resistant paint finish will stop any burns and flakes, giving you a brand new finish all year round.

Optional original MERCATUS® accessories available 

The charcoal and wood burner is easy to move and adjust with its 4 castors (2 having brakes) that gives you easy accessibility even when it has been lit for use. The BBQ-Fireplace stands a little over 7 feet, separating you from smoke and waste, to give you a full enjoyment of any outdoor gathering.

Its unique design gives you the perfect balance of a cosy supply of warmth, while also standing out as the centerpiece to your garden.

half-stainless-steel-1024x961Half Stainless Steel BBQ-Fireplace Dimensions: 70cm x 226cm

How to Assemble Your Mercatus BBQ Fireplace

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