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Travel Kadai Firebowl

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The Travel Kadai is a great present for anybody. Not only does it look really cute but it’s also really useful. This handy little Kadai is a portable bbq and firebowl all in one!


Travel Kadai Firebowl

Product Information

Practical & Great Fun

Each Travel Kadai is supplied with a wrought iron stand, a set of forged tongs and a robust duffel bag to make adventures with the Kadai easier.

Take off to the beach or perhaps a wintry ramble on the Moors, Dales or Highlands with the travel Kadai. Simply find some firewood and away you go. Cook or stay warm anywhere. This quirky little item is also great at home to use as an occasional bbq if you have limited space.


Our Kadai’s are made using the same traditional methods as the original iron Kadai by riveting plates together to form a perfect bowl.

However, these Kadai are made from recycled oil drums which not only recycles a waste product but is lighter and more maneuverable than the originals. Attractive drop handles allow the Kadai to be easily moved, even when in use.

After More?

If you are looking for something a little less portable with more capacity then check out our great range of full sized Kadai here.

Care and Maintenance
The Kadai will look after itself with minimal maintenance as there are no moving parts and it is a simple sturdy design. The bowl is made from recycled oil drums which have the benefit of being a high grade steel that lasts well and can be left out in all weathers. To extend the life of your Kadai we would recommend bringing it under cover for the winter or when not in use for long periods. It will take on a natural rust finish which requires no maintenance.

The grills have been pre-coated with cooking oil that has been heated to cure them similar to a wok. After use it is advisable to clean the grills with a wire brush and hot soapy water, dry with a cloth and store in a dry place.

Instructions for Use
To avoid the Kadai filling up with rain water when not in use it is best to cover the Kadai or simply turn it upside down on the stand. When lighting the Kadai it is best to put about 5cm of sand / earth or pebbles evenly spread out over the bottom. Make your fire on top of this layer. This will not only help retain heat for improved cooking but will also help your Kadai last longer.

When the ash bed has built up or if it is damp and you want to light your fire bowl scoop out the ash and any dirty sand and replace with fresh dry sand / earth or pebbles. Place you charcoal on the sand and light in the normal way. The Grills are supplied in two parts for ease of cleaning and should be crossed over each other and placed in the bowl. This prevents food falling through the grills.

Transform your Kadai in to a Firebowl
When you have finished barbequing lift out the grills with the tongs provided and add small pieces of wood to get the fire going. It may smoke a little until the flames take hold. Then build the fire as normal to sit and enjoy warmth all evening.

Additional Hints
Regular vegetable oiling of the grills & engine oil for the bowl will keep them in good condition. Please burn off the engine oil before barbequing next time.

The grills can become sticky from the vegetable oil but this will burn off on their first use

The amount of sharp sand at the base can be varied according to numbers eating, to reduce the amount of charcoal required

Use fire lighters or lighter fluid to get the charcoal or wood going

The centre of the grill is the hottest area and the outside edge is perfect for keeping food warm

Only burn very dry wood to avoid excessive smoke

Periodically wire wool the bowl, stand and tongs to remove any loose rust

The handles should remain cool enough to move the Kadai to a different location after barbequing

If you are using your Kadai on the move then please always exercise caution when emptying embers and ensure the Kadai is fully cooled before stowing in duffel bag. Burning embers should never be left unattended and if disposed of on a beach should first be extinguished with sea water and then buried to preserve the beach for others.

We are always keen to hear your views, experiences and thoughts about the Kadai Fire Bowl and welcome any comments and photographs to

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