Original Kadai Firepit

Original Kadai Firebowls

From £248.00

Don’t accept imitations!

Our range of Original Kadia firepits are all unique. Up to 100 years old, these are the real deal, a true Indian relic!

Don’t forget to add a Gothic or Tudor Stand, and complete the set with a tripod and cooking bowl.



Original Kadai Firebowls

Product Description

These Kadai fire bowls are up to 100 years old, each with its own individuality, steeped in history having been used by families at weddings and ceremonies placed directly above the fire to heat food for the guests.

Cooking with ghee, the process has repeatedly oiled the bowl’s plates, providing longevity to restart their life as a barbecue and firebowl.

These heavy gauged fire bowls have already shown that they stand the test of time.

An original Kadai Firebowl provides the versatility and practicality of a  BBQ/Firebowl, with a touch of history and a dash of added character. A true Indian relic, a worthy centrepiece for any garden.

Don’t forget to choose a Gothic or Tudor Stand.

As our Original Kadais are in limited supply (due to us having to source them from India) there may be a short wait before your preferred size is available.

Your Original Kadia will be shipped by pallet, including free postage for up to 6 included accessories.

For 6-8 people, a 70cm Kadai is ideal. 8-10 people would be better served by an 80cm Kadai, 10-12 people by a 90cm Kadai and so on.

The large cooking area of the Kadai grills means that a wide range of foods can be cooked at once. You can also add the tripod and cooking bowl for extra versatility.

Remember: every Original Kadia is unique, so metal depth and exact diameter will very between firepits.

Our Original Kadia firepits come with hand forged tongs, a wire brush and a filter.

Original Kadais up to 100cm in diameter come with a pair of grills which are laid crossways to each other.

Original Kadais over 100cm in diameter are supplied with a single grill.

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