Osel Hot Tub

Osel Hot Tub


The Osel hot tub is a beautiful and ergonomically crafted design, by using a clever combination of both natural and modern features you will lose yourself in its simplistic elegance.

The Osel hot tub boasts a self circulating integrated stove for reliable warm and soothing water, hardwearing materials including strong and resistant glassfiber and most importantly an outstanding durability allowing the opportunity to enjoy the blissful and rejuvenating experience throughout the year.

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Osel Hot Tub

Product Information

Built using the most up to date manufacturing technology the Osel hot tub is a sublime, outstanding mixture of both natural and modern materials.

Made using high quality glassfiber it is easy to maintain and provides a weather resistant finish, allowing you to enjoy your hot tub throughout the year.

Fancy a change of scene? Not to worry, the Osel hot tub is easily moved from location to location

The tub is powered by an integrated self circulating stove made from the finest marine aluminium. This salt water resistant metal means that it is less likely to erode, therefore allowing you the peace of mind that the water will stay at a warm and satisfying temperature.

The Osel hot tub is ergonomically designed with you in mind and provides a safe, comfortable setting.  Worried about the cold? Don’t be, with it’s cleverly designed seating, you will be low enough to avoid those cold draughts, just sit back and relax and let the world go by.

  • 6—8 people
  • 1250 L
  • 1.5 hours heating time
  • Integrated stove
  • Diameter 2 m
  • Height 0.95m
  • Weight 220kg

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