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For the ultimate in outdoor living choose Weltevree’s Outdooroven. Designed by Dick van Hoff the Outdooroven makes cooking an outdoor activity and a whole new experience. At bigfire, we believe the Outdooroven to be a truly inspired product. As with other Weltevree products it has multiple functions and can be used to cook, keep warm and even bbq.

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Product Information

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Wood Fired

Wood fired
The Outdooroven is a wood fired outdoor cooker and heater. There is a perforated base plate that provides extra air for the fire.

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Oven Stove

Oven & Stove
The Outdooroven has a closable oven door which makes it perfect for baking bread, roasting a chicken or even doing a casserole. The oven cavity also has a special baking stone for cooking pizzas and regulating the temperature in the oven. The top of the Outdooroven can be used as a stove.

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Bbq Grill

BBQ & Grill
The Outdooroven has a grill rack you can place above the smoldering embers to grill and bbq your meat or fish. There are three height settings for the rack. Try using the rack for vegetable kebabs and Halloumi!

Big Fire - Outdooroven Corten Steel

Corten® steel

The Outdooroven is made of Corten ® steel – a special type of steel with an oxidized layer that protects the metal against rust. The Outdooroven arrives black and shiny and will form the oxidised rust layer and appearance over several months. Each time you fire the oven you will see how it changes colour.

Height 90 cm/35 inch
(190 cm/75 inch with pipe)
Width 33 cm/13 inch
Length 43 cm/17 inch

Corten® steel

35 kg/77 Ibs

Delivery time
1 – 3 weeks

Oven compartment
Height 19 cm/7.5 inch
Width 31 cm/12 inch
Depth 33 cm/13 inch

Height 3 cm/1 inch
Width 30 cm/12 inch
Length 30 cm/12 inch

The top plate of the Outdooroven is slightly tilted and has two gaps at the back, so rainwater can drain from the top of the Outdooroven

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Spec 01

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Spec 02

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Oven Door

Outdoor Oven Door

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Chimney Cowl

Chimney Cowl

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Pizza Shovel

Pizza Shovel

Big Fire - Outdoor Oven - Thermometer


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