Outdoor Oven XL

Outdooroven XL


The best gets bigger and better

Cook up a feast in the Outdooroven XL – with a large wood fired over, BBQ grill/smoking oven you can let you outdoor cooking imagination go wild.

Designed by Dick van Hoff the Outdooroven XL makes cooking an outdoor activity and a whole new experience.

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Outdooroven XL

Product Information

Fueled by Wood

The Outdooroven XL is a wood fired outdoor cooker with a large BBQ-grill/smoker. With the Outdooroven XL you’ll own a complete outdoor kitchen with a variety of options available for you to get the best flavours from your cooking.

BBQ & Smoker

The grill and BBQ have a height adjustable stainless steel grill rack, close the lid on the BBQ and you can use the Outdooroven XL as a hot smoker.

Cooking on the Outdooroven XL

Charcoal Factory

As wood burns in the large fire cage underneath the oven section, it creates charcoal which drops down below the cage. Move the charcoal to the right under the BBQ section to use it as the fuel for your BBQ or to smoke your food.

Extra Large Pizza

Above the fire pit is a large closable oven with a special refractory stone for baking pizzas and other dishes.

Base Options

There are several base options available or you to choose from, as standard The Outdooroven XL is delivered without a base.


Height 195 cm / 77 inch (without base, with pipe)
Width 96 cm / 39 inch
Length 45 cm / 18 inch


Corten® steel – a special type of steel with an oxidized layer that protects the metal against rust


75 kg

Oven compartment

Height 19 cm
Width 36 cm
Length 37 cm

Outdoor oven XL Specifications


Height 3 cm / 1 inch
Width 35 cm / 14 inch
Length 35 cm / 14 inch


Delivered with a stainless steel grill, baking stone, thermometer for the smoke compartment and a charcoal tool. Accessories available include a base, pizza-shovel and thermometer.

Delivery time

1 – 3 weeks

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