Playhouse- Lisa


Playhouse Lisa is the prefect place to relax, sit and play together with friends! With many windows you can peak into the garden and bring your very own fairy tale to life.

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Playhouse- Lisa

Product Information

The Playhouse Lisa features a superb crooked door and windows. With an extension and a porch the playhouse is big enough for friends to gather in or even have a sleep over! There is also a low window so you can keep an eye on your surroundings and explore the garden.


Colour Brown
Height 174 cm
Width 180 cm
Dept 180 cm
Interior dimensions 173 x 113 x 161/104 cm
Width porch 60 cm
Number of windows 7
Door height 97 cm
Assembly time 120 minute
Design Crooked
Material Asian cedar wood (100 % FSC)
Thickness of wood 15 mm
Thickness of the frame 38 mm

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