Playhouse- Max


You can see the entire garden from this big wooden playhouse with lots of windows. The frame on the bottom can be used as a giant sandpit, so take the slide down and go have some fun in the sand.

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Playhouse- Max

Product Information

The Playhouse Max is a large wooden playhouse standing tall on high stilts for maximum fun! Children can let their imaginations run free playing, picnicking or even spending the night in this beautiful and spacious playhouse. Taking the slide down to the garden is a breeze! Once they’re done inside, the kids can have fun for hours in the giant sandpit. The rear window will allow them to observe the whole neighbourhood, and you can keep an eye on them too.


Colour Brown
Height 291 cm
Width 435 cm
Dept 180 cm
Interior dimensions 173 x 113 x 161/104 cm
Playing height 118 cm
Width porch 60 cm
Length slide 220 cm
Including sandpit Yes
Dimensions sandpit 150 x 175 cm
Sand content 650 kg
Number of windows 7
Door height 97 cm
Assembly time 180 minute
Design Crooked
Material Asian cedar wood (100 % FSC)
Thickness of wood 15 mm
Thickness of the frame 38 mm

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