Playhouse- Sarah


You can climb, slide and play in the sandpit of this lovely wooden playhouse with high stairs, long slide and sandpit. It has everything a child could wish for!

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Playhouse- Sarah

Product Information

The Playhouse Sarah is a medium sized wooden house on high stilts featuring a half-round door and windows. It has everything a child could wish for, including a ladder to get to your playhouse and a fun long slide to get to the garden quickly. And there is more! The frame on the bottom can be used as a sandpit where you can bake little sand cakes together with your friends.


Colour Brown
Height 290 cm
Width 373 cm
Dept 172 cm
Interior dimensions 113 x 115 x 163 cm
Playing height 118 cm
Width porch 52 cm
Length slide 220 cm
Including sandpit Yes
Dimensions sandpit 88 x 142 cm
Sand content 300 kg
Number of windows 6
Door height 98 cm
Assembly time 180 minute
Design Classic
Material Asian cedar wood (100 % FSC)
Thickness of wood 15 mm
Thickness of the frame 38 mm

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