Playhouse- Stef


Activities in playhouse Stef are always fun as there is enough room for everyone. With a slide included fun and games both inside and out will happen at every hour.

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Playhouse- Stef

Product Information

Playhouse Stef is a big wooden house set on low stilts. Featuring a wide porch, small stairs and a slide there are many hours of fun to be had with this playhouse! Imagine this: your playhouse is your own garden house! You can take all kinds of things inside and around this house creating many adventures to bring all your stories to life. And is there someone coming that shouldn’t see? Take the secret route down the slide and you are gone before they can see you.


Colour Brown
Height 236 cm
Width 347 cm
Dept 200 cm
Interior dimensions 171 x 112 x 172 cm
Playing height 58 cm
Width porch 80 cm
Length slide 120 cm
Number of windows 6
Door height 98 cm
Assembly time 130 minute
Design Classic
Material Asian cedar wood (100 % FSC)
Thickness of wood 15 mm
Thickness of the frame 38 mm

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