Premier Cobb and Carry Bag


A winning combination, get a Premiere Cobb along with carry bag and recipe book.

The award winning Cobb™ system can roast, bake, smoke, fry and grill. Cobb cooking is fuss-free. Perfect for home and away, the Cobb is easy to clean, light-weight, simple to use and maintain. You can even move the Cobb while cooking to wherever the social gathering may be – outdoors, on the beach or even on a boat.

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Premier Cobb and Carry Bag

Product Information

A great cooking experience

The Premier Cobb is the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, completely cool to the touch on the outer base and ready for anything, the Premier Cobb can cook for 1-4 people.

Easy to clean, the dome, grill grid, fire basket, steel bowl and all the accessories for the Premier Cobb can all be placed in the dishwasher.

See a Cobb in action 

Fire your imagination

Cobbs only limitation is your imagination.

Grill: meat, vegetables, fish etc.

Fry: eggs, meat, fish… pancakes anyone?

Bake: bread, cakes, pizza – even roast a joint of meat.

Boil: stews, pasta, curries, rice etc.

Smoke: fish, meat, vegetables etc.

The Cobb Story

In December 2001, Time Magazine featured the Cobb as one of the best inventions of that year. This was a major turning point for what had started out as an obvious idea to an environmentalist in Africa several years earlier.

The developers idea was to encourage native Africans to use corncobs as fuel for cooking, rather than wood or coal. He devised a simple clay pot stove with a steel mesh grill that Africans could easily make and fuel with their abundant supply of corncobs.

Cobbs commitment to a continual improvement program has resulted in the worldly acclaimed product we see today which is available with several accessories.

Using your Cobb

The Cobb Cooker is simple to light and use. There’s no need for lighter fluids in the Cobb Cooker.

Add heat beads and fire starters (not required for Cobblestone) underneath in the fire chamber.

Light up time is 15-25 minutes (4 minutes for Cobblestone). Always light outdoors in a safe area.

Depending on the fuel used the Cobb will provide cooking heat for up to 3 hours.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 3.8kg
Width: 33cm
Height: 33cm
Height (Dome inverted with handle removed): 26cm

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