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The Pulcinella is a direct heat wood fired oven, it is ideal for lovers of outdoor cooking and not just pizza’s! Bake, roast, slow cook and have fun. The Pulcinella is fully weather proof and designed to live outdoors all year round.

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The Pulcinella will reach 400◦C in just 15 to 20 minutes. The oven is made from Stainless Steel with the outside coated in electro-galvanised stainless steel paint, in a colour of your choice. Packed with insulation and a durable fire brick base the Pulcinella is designed to withstand all weather conditions and be used in all seasons.


Unlike more traditional Cobb or concrete ovens you don’t have to worry about firing the oven slowly if you haven’t used it for a while. There is no risk of cracking with the Pulcinella or a complete collapse on your prize pizza! Simply move the patented air grate system to the centre of the oven, build your fire and let it burn for around 30 minutes. Then using the tool provided, scrape the grate to the side of the oven and you are set to cook.


The Pulcinella uses approximately 5 to 7kg of seasoned wood to reach 400◦C. Then it uses around 1kg per hour to keep a constant temperature. It will cook a pizza in approximately two minutes and if you can keep up, will cook four pizza’s at a time. Retaining it’s heat for around twelve hours the Pulcinella is ideal to slow cook in overnight. Wake up to tomorrow’s lunch or dinner already sorted!

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