Rondo Outdoor Fireplace


Technology and craftsmanship come together to combine the natural elements of fire and stone in a simple design to give us Rondo – an outdoor wood burning steel fire bowl set in an exquisite and impressive surround of Santafiora trachyte stone.

Designed by Ivano Losa in 2010.

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Rondo Outdoor Fireplace

Product Information

A refuge from the breeze of spring evenings or shelter from the cold of winter afternoons, Rondo is the cradle of the fire and sweet solace: its metal holds the flames, its stone the onlookers. Volumes define it in all its majesty: its noble origins are evident in its design – no opulence but lots of grace.

Sculpturesque, and formed from Santafiora trachyte stone, Rondo gives an important stage presence to every outdoor situation.

The natural chromatic variations of stone guarantee Rondo‘s uniqueness.

“Creating a setting for fire springs from the desire to offer man a single element that enhances both space and pleasure”

Santafiora trachyte

The Santafiora trachyte is a versatile, elegant, precious and versatile stone and adapts easily to interior design. A fine and rare stone forged millions of years ago, it is resilient to smog, frost, acid rains and saltiness and can be used in every kind of weather, environmental conditions and in a seismic risk zones.

Santafiora trachyte has natural nut tones with mild, warm pinkish nuances which give each Rondo a uniqueness all its own.


Colour: Natural, Santafiora trachyte stone
Diameter: 206cm
Height: 34cm
Weight: 700 Kg

L:162cm W:67cm H:78cm
L:140cm W:140cm H:42cm


The Rondo outdoor fireplace comes with a cover for the combustion chamber to prevent residual material escaping in the event of wind or rain.

Add the 94cm diameter Grill for outdoor cooking. (See Accessories)

Rondo is supplied in a ready to assemble kit.
(Assembly level/degree of difficulty: easy)

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