ServeBoy Ultimo Unico Combination


For the ultimate in outdoor cooking the ServeBoy Ultimo Unico Trolley combines sleek modern design with high quality white composite and stainless steel with walnut inserts.
This combination includes the 580 Teppanyaki inductie.

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ServeBoy Ultimo Unico Combination

Product Information

The ServeBoy Ultimo Unico brings you the best in outdoor cooking with its sleek and modern design incorporating high quality white composite and stainless steel with walnut inserts. This combination includes the 580 Teppanyaki inductie.

The ServeBoy Ultimo Unico also comes with:
Waterproof cover
Cutting board
Knife holder
Bottle holder

The 580 Teppanyaki inductie:
If you know the advantages of induction, you will certainly appreciate this fabulous cooking plate. The temperature can be controlled very accurately and it is hardly necessary to wait until you can fry since the cooking plate heats up so amazingly quickly. Meat is immediately sealed so that it remains lovely and succulent and even vegetables retain their nutritional value in this way. The cooking plate has four zones that you operate separately but can also be linked two by two to make two large frying zones (bridge function). The Slider touch control gives you direct access to 10 pre-programmed heat levels for each zone. One of them is specifically for cleaning: the cooking zone heats to the ideal temperature for easy cleaning.

Cooking on the Teppanyaki

Cooking on the teppanyaki is easy, particularly tasty and what’s more really healthy because you use little fat. For example you can even fry pancakes or steam fish by placing a cloche over it when you have poured wine over the fish.

Some cooking tips:
Use the two separate cooking zones: sear meat on the first and at the same time cook vegetables on a lower heat on the other one. Or sear a steak on one and then let it cook on the other zone.
You can also prepare great sauces using cream, wine or even beer. Pour it over the meat or fish and it will collect in the trays.
A cloche is a handy tool: place a delicious piece of fish on the teppan, pour over some wine and cover with a cloche. That is how to create steam under the cloche!


ServeBoy Ultimo Unico Trolley
1400mm x 600mm x 900mm
WEIGHT: 77 kg

580 Teppanyaki inductie
Latest generation of induction technology
4 independent thermostatically controlled griddle areas (left and right zones can be bridged)
4 Slider Touch control with direct access to each heating levels: 0-9 and cleaning level
Dynamic temperature display for both cooking areas with 4 timers
Stand alone timer
Locking touch
Stop and Go function
Cleaning touches dedicated to each zone
Bridge function allowing coupling of both zones

Total power 5600W
Standby consumption < 0,8W 100% recyclable packaging [/col_last]

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