Mercatus Steak Pan

Steak Pan (Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace)


The Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace steak pan is perfect for healthy, low fat and low smoke grilling. Designed to prevent fat dripping on the heat source, the steak pan prevents any harmful chemicals being exposed while cooking.

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Mercatus Steak Pan 2

Steak Pan (Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace)

Product Information

The Steak Pan for Mercatus BBQ-Fireplace is perfect for healthy, low fat and low smoke grilling. The fat does not drip on the heat source, preventing the harmful polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons forming.

The design prevents grease dripping on the floor, allowing a clean and enjoyable cooking product.

The grill has a not stick surface and is easy to use, whether it be for meat, fish, vegetables or fruit and is swung mounted at two possible heights, allowing easy access to the grill from the fireplace.




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