Stofey L Stainless Steel Fireplace & Chiminea


The Stofey stainless steel fireplace is characterised by its stylish look and clever design which allows for evenly distributed heat all around. It is easy to move as the handles remain cool, even when the fireplace is burning.

The high-grade stainless steel design creates wonderful colour when the fireplace is burning. This also allows the fireplace to be waterproof and have a very long lifespan.

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Stofey L Stainless Steel Fireplace & Chiminea

Product Information

The Stofey fireplace & chiminea model L is perfect to bring warmth into your evenings. This fireplace is especially suitable for city gardens, a patio, or a courtyard.

The fireplace can be moved by using the handles on the side. These remain cool when the fireplace is in use. The fireplace also has a large opening, which means that it is easy to fill it up. It also takes care of the necessary ‘draw’, which gives your wood a sufficient amount of oxygen to burn well.

The fireplace has a diameter of 450 mm and a chimney of approximately 1.75 meters. The smoke is carried off above your head. This means that you do not have to deal with a lot of smoke.

Starting with the first use, heating up the fireplace will slowly turn the silver colours of the stainless steel into different other colours: blue, purple, brown, copper. All but the handle and base, which remain cool.

The pipe is fitted with a spark catcher. This blocks sparks and prevents rainwater from entering the fireplace.
Create a wonderful outside setting! This fireplace will bring warmth, style and pleasure to any gathering.



Height complete fireplace: 89 cm

Diameter fireplace: 50 cm

Diameter spark arrester: 17 cm

Diameter pipe: 17 cm

Weight: 20 kg

Material type:   Stainless steel 1.4521

Wall thickness fireplace: 1.4 mm

Change in colour when used: Yes

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