Swedish Eco Torch

Swedish Eco Torch Small


Perfect for social gatherings, camping and/or cooking.

Swedish Eco-Torches are portable and act as an instant bonfire that burns in a controlled manner.

Simply light the organic fire-lighter in the core of the torch and the log will burn for approx. 1.5 – 2.5hrs.

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Swedish Eco Torch Small

Product Information

Eco Torch

Swedish Eco Torches make exceptional campfires – no need to search for logs, dig a firepit and then slowly build up and establish your fire. Simply light and then wait for your torch to get going, then sit back and relax.

Swedish Eco Torches can be used for cooking by place a pan or kettle on top to cook or boil. They are also great for the garden, as a focal point to enjoy with family and friends.

Usage instructions

1: Sit on a solid, flat surface outdoors.
2: Light from above
3: Wait for the fire to start and establish itself
3: Enjoy – use as a heating source, or for cooking.


Diameter: 17-24cm
Height: 25cm
Burning Time: 1.5- 2.5 hrs

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