Tabletop Grill


Everyone knows you should only barbecue a real sausage on charcoal!

The THÜROS® Tabletop Grill is the ideal compact barbecue for home, camping or picnics.

Don’t be fooled by it’s small footprint, a range of accessories can give this little BBQ even more functionality.

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Tabletop Grill

Product Information

THÜROS® Tabletop Grill

Bringing charcoal barbecuing to the table, the THÜROS® Tabletop Grill is a preassembled table top barbecue, which can easily be used on any surface because the unusual material conducts little heat.

After you’ve enjoyed your barbecue, the THÜROS® Tabletop Grill even fits into a standard dishwasher

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Cooking Area: 30 x 30cm
Height: 19.5cm
Width: 39cm
Length: 33cm
Weight: 3.1kg

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