Tripee Outdoor Fireplace


The magic of fire combines with the classical teepee to give us Tripee – an outdoor wood burning fireplace, comprising a steel tray connected to a tubular structure.

Perfect for your garden pow wow!

Designed by Ivano Losa in 2010.

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Tripee Outdoor Fireplace

Product Information

Tripee blends two elements in a single product to becomes a territorial feature: its striking stance evokes emotions from the past whilst its quintessential lightness enables it to adapt to many settings.

Tripee‘s combustion chamber can be positioned at different heights to make it even more flexible.

Tripee: “You can be seen from afar, reminiscent of nomadic encampments. Within your slender and essential structure you show signs of ancient communication means.”

“Creating a setting for fire springs from the desire to offer man a single element that enhances both space and pleasure”


Colour: Rust
Diameter: 298cm
Height: 282cm
Weight: 60kg
1 x L:122cm W:122cm H:32cm
1 x L:198cm W:18cm H:5cm


Add the 94cm diameter Grill to convert Tripee for outdoor cooking. (See Accessories)

Please Note:

Tripee is supplied in a ready-to assemble kit. (Assembly level/degree of difficulty: easy)

– The product may present surface irregularities and chromatic variations, due to our use of materials and finishes that enhance the natural ageing process, thus ensuring their unique character.

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