Box of 6 Firestarters

Woodson Fire Starter


The woodson® firestarter is a truly awesome new firelighter. 100% ecological, the Woodson does not contain any harmful substances. Made from 100% wood waste, 100% recycled cardboard, sawdust and vegetable oil. Quick and easy to use, you’ll have a roaring fire or ignited charcoal in minutes!


Woodson Fire Starter

Product Information

Easy Fire Lighting

The Woodson Firelighters are supplied in boxes of six and come with a box of matches. No need to use paper and kindling. Simply place a Woodson in the seat of where you want the fire and light it. Now surround it with either small logs, coal or charcoal. Within minutes, you’ll have a roaring fire with no fuss. 100% environmentally friendly.

Prometheus would be proud of this invention!

Watch How it Works


Keep out of reach of children. Store in dry away from heat sources. Store at a temperature lower than 45 degrees celcius.

Do not use either spirits or petrol for lighting and relighting after the fire goes out.

Use only firelighters compliant with the ppresent firelighters European Standard PN-EN 1860-3 : 2005.

Before commencing cooking the firelighter should burn out completely and the barbecue fuel should be covered with ash.

Do not use near sources of gas and chemical vapours or near fuel stations. Product compliant with EN 1860-3: 2005

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