Zen Outdoor Fireplace


The perfect setting for the magic of the fire, Zen is not just an outdoor wood burning fireplace incorporating its circular steel crown and built-in brazier; it is a piece of sculpture which will look amazing in your garden.

Designed by Ivano Losa in 2010.

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Zen Outdoor Fireplace

Product Information

The perfect setting for the magic of the fire, Zen can be arrayed with a variety of materials to create the perfect alchemy with its surroundings and is an impeccable companion of soft evening light.

This outdoor wood burning fireplace with its circular steel crown and built-in brazier can be completed with such natural elements as stone, gravel, volcanic lapilli and sand. Zen will enhance its surrounding environment.

Zen can also be sunk in the ground.

“Creating a setting for fire springs from the desire to offer man a single element that enhances both space and pleasure”


The Zen fireplace comes with a disc to cover the combustion chamber, to prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind.

Add the 94cm diameter Grill to convert Zen for outdoor cooking.
(See Accessories)


Colour: Rust
Diameter: 180cm
Height: 20cm
Weight: 130 Kg
L:140cm W:140cm H:40cm

Please Note:

Zen is supplied in a ready-to assemble kit. (Assembly level/degree of difficulty: easy)

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