Zero Outdoor Fireplace

From £4,260.00

Zero is an outdoor wood-burning fireplace – a nest in which to seek refuge, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

The eccentric dance of the flames is replaced by the silent burning of the embers. A sweet warmth that comforts your guests.

Designed by Ivano Losa, Matteo Galbusera, 2009

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Zero Outdoor Fireplace

Product Information

Design and Purpose

Zero is a steel wood-burning outdoor fireplace whose mission is very simple: to bring people together for special outdoor moments.

In the garden, by the swimming pool, in hotel grounds, restaurants and garden centres Zero will create the perfect atmosphere.

Zero combines the fireplace and the firewood store within its design.


The Zero outdoor fireplace comes with a closing disk to cover the combustion chamber and prevent residual material getting out in the event of rain or wind.


Available in three sizes:

145cm Diameter – H:40 cm
200cm Diameter – H:40cm
300cm Diameter – H:40 cm

Add a Grill to convert to Outdoor Cooking (see Accessories)

51cm Grill fits 145cm diameter fireplace
69cm Grill fits 200cm diameter fireplace
94cm Grill fits 300cm diameter fireplace

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