Zest4Leisure Gresford Planter Set


Sold as a set of 3 planters, small, medium and large, to provide an appealing feature, the Gresford Planter Set is a stylish and easy way to create your own unique arrangement in your garden.


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Zest4Leisure Gresford Planter Set

Product Information

Made with a pressure treated thick timber, the Gresford Planter Set is easy to manoeuvre and is great value for money.


Small: 0.60m × 0.30m × 0.28m
Medium: 0.70m × 0.40m x 0.32m
Large: 0.80m × 0.50m × 0.42m

The Gresford Planter Set from Zest4Leisure is a brilliant combination of 3 different sized stylish pieces, offering you a unique look in your garden as they can be easily moved and arranged to your liking.


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