Zest4Leisure Log and Tool Store


The Zest4Leisure Log and Tool Store is a stylish and effective way to store both your logs and garden tools in one place. Perfect for majority of garden tools, this a must have accessory for any wood burner or avid gardener.

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Zest4Leisure Log and Tool Store

Product Information

This Zest 4 Leisure FSC Log and Tool Store is the perfect way to store both your garden tools as well as logs, all in one place. It’s designed with an open back which allows air to circulate helping dry out your logs.

The tall design allows storage for all kinds of garden tools including rakes, spades and garden forks. It has a padlockable door so your tools are safe and secure all year round.

The majority of wood-burning stove problems arise from using wet wood, meaning it is essential that your logs are stored correctly out of the rain, in a dry environment, making the Zest4Leisure Log and Tool Store a must have.

Dimensions: 1.87m x 0.7m x 1.9m


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