Zest4Leisure Log Chest


The Zest4Leisure Log Chest is a stylish, traditional and tidy way to store your firewood while it also protects your logs to full effect. The perfect partner for any wood burning stove or outdoor fireplace.

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Zest4Leisure Log Chest

Product Information

The majority of wood-burning stove problems arise from using wet wood, meaning it is essential that your logs are stored correctly in a dry environment, making the Zest4Leisure Log Chest a must have.

The Zest 4 Leisure Log Chest offers a traditional designed convenient way to store your firewood and get the maximum air flow, helping them dry out faster.

Its slatted side design means dryer logs, allowing you to get a longer burning time for your fire on cold winter days and will look stylish and tidy in any garden.


Dimensions: 1.8m x 0.72m x 0.84/0.76m

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