Zest4Leisure Log Store


Built together from high quality pressure treated timber, this Zest4Leisure Log Store is perfect for storing your firewood, ensuring it stays out of the rain and its design allows for maximum dry time.

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Zest4Leisure Log Store

Product Information

The Zest 4 Leisure Log Store features an open front and slatted sides allowing maximum air flow throughout the logs, keeping them dry throughout the year.

It is designed to quickly allow your logs to season and dry for maximum heat output and it looks great in any garden, the perfect partner for any wood burner or outdoor fireplace.

Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.58m x 1.5m

The majority of wood-burning stove problems arise from using wet wood, meaning it is essential that your logs are stored correctly out of the rain, in a dry environment, making the Zest4Leisure Log Store a must have.

A convenient storage area that will fit perfectly in any garden will ensure you have the best quality wood, allowing you to light your fire on winter days for the longest possible time. 

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