Ethanol Burners

Smoke free, Flue-less and Maintenance free, Bio Ethanol fireplaces are the future of in home, live flame heating is here. Bio Ethanol fires are built and designed to compete against the traditional markets of gas, electric and wood. As these unique fireplaces do not require a traditional flue, they can be installed into locations and environments where traditional fireplaces are limited.

Why choose a Bio Ethanol Fire?

– Long Burn Times
– Easy temperature control
– True alternative to gas, wood and electric
– Ease of Installation and Use, many of our Bio Ethanol fires need no, or just DIY installation.
– No Flue required, Bio Ethanol fires can be installed in places you couldn’t even think of putting a traditional fire.
– Great Efficiency and Safety

BigFire have a range of Bio Ethanol fires including those by Cocoon Fireplaces, Icon Fires and Ruby Fires.

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