Indoor Fires

Cocoon Aeris Black

Bio Ethanol Fires

Bio Ethanol fires are built and designed to compete against the traditional markets of gas, electric and wood. These unique fireplaces do not require a traditional flue and can be installed into locations and environments where traditional fireplaces are limited.

Water Vapour Fires at BigFire

Water Vapour Fires

Water Vapour Fires use ultrafine water vapour in combination with light to give the effect of a live flame. These fires are perfect for when you want the effect of a real fire, but can’t have one.

Electric Fires at Bigfire

Electric Fires

Completely maintenance free, electric fireplaces can be used both decoratively and as a source of heat. Glowing logs and flickering light give the effect of a real fire, but with the convenience of an off switch, and even a remote control!

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